Something that many brides do not consider is obtaining wedding insurance to protect their precious investment in their big day. Once a bride has selected vendors and submitting non-refundable deposits, she should consider an Event Cancellation Policy in order to protect all the money she has spent. This can help protect couples from unpredictable situations that occur during the period leading up to the wedding.

An event cancellation wedding policy will cover many types of situations.

Wedding cancellation insurance covers cancellation or postponement of the nuptials. This can come in handy if an immediate family member, or the bride or groom, suffers an unforeseen injury or illness before the wedding. This type of insurance also covers a couple if nature makes having your wedding impossible. For instance, in the event of a natural disaster. The event cancellation or postponement insurance provides reimbursement for non-recoverable expenses incurred because the wedding day was cancelled or postponed for a legitimate reason.
Wedding insurance also covers extra expense. The policy will indemnify you for extra expenses not originally contemplated or anticipated that are incurred to avoid an otherwise necessary cancellation or postponement of the event. Wedding car insurance will cover any vehicles used in the wedding party that may have problems where it will lead to having to reschedule events.
A wedding insurance policy will also covers event photographs and videography. The policy financially assists people in reconvening the wedding part to take replacement photographs if the film or video is lost or damaged before you receive your prints, if they cannot be developed or if the photographer does not appear at your wedding as contracted. Coverage is available from in a variety of amounts.
Wedding insurance also covers event gifts. It provides protection for wedding gifts damaged or lost during the seven days before and after your wedding while entrusted to someone for safekeeping, or located at the couple’s home, the wedding site or in transit between locations.
Wedding insurance also covers special attire, in case any of the important wedding attire is ruined. Coverage many exist from $1,000 to $10,000.
On the other side of the wedding is the wedding consultant that helped put this big day together for the couple. They will also need some sort of liability coverage in case of mishaps beyond her control. There is insurance for wedding consultant’s business available. This is a way to make sure that no one suffers a financial loss-the couple or the consultant helping them.

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