When you get married, there are so many things to consider and decisions to make. Deciding on a boutonniere or what kind of boutonnieres the men wear is a minor detail. It is still a part of your wedding that you will want to look the best it can. Weddings boutonnieres are for the groomsmen and important family members who will be attending the wedding. Typically, you will need boutonnieres and corsages for the fathers of the bride and groom, the grandfathers of the bride and groom, brothers, the ushers, those who assist with the signing of the guest book, your master of ceremonies and any other important male family members or helpers at the wedding.

Some people choose to purchase a ready-made inexpensive silk boutonniere for all the men in the wedding. These may be rather inexpensive, but can add up when you think of all the other expenses a wedding entails. You can save money if you know how to make a boutonniere. In addition to saving money, it will enable you to give boutonniere to more men in the families. With the aid of a boutonniere pin, the boutonniere is worn on the lapel. Many do not know how to attach a boutonniere. There are places and people that can give you simple instructions how to pin a boutonniere.

If you are handy with craft’s you may want to attempt to make your own boutonnieres for the wedding. The groom’s boutonniere can be different from his groomsmen to signify that he is the man of the day. Many weddings have the groomsmen wear an orchid boutonniere, as this is very popular. It should match the bride’s bridal bouquet, however. If you want unique boutonnieres, try getting a maroon boutonniere. The flowers in the corsages and boutonnieres should match the wedding flowers that you have chosen. Keep in mind that the flowers should match and that the colors should match. The boutonnieres should be light. If they are heavy, they will lean forward and look poorly. There are boutonniere holders available if you need to use them.

The boutonniere is the bridal bouquet for the groom and it is important that he looks top notch on his big day. While choosing the right boutonniere for the groom is important, but so is choosing the right boutonniere for the groomsmen and any important family members or helpers also attending your wedding. There are many different boutonniere styles to choose from, with the silk Calla Lily boutonniere being a very popular one.

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