The honeymoon is one of the most anticipated events of the wedding and the wedding planning. Planning your honeymoon does not have to be difficult at all. Just be sure to discuss with your partner what type of a honeymoon they would consider to be enjoyable, and plan a honeymoon that is going to be enjoyable for your styles and desires. For example, backpacking through Europe would be an incredible honeymoon for a couple that enjoys adventurous holidays, while a person who likes to lay on a beach and sunbath would most likely hate it! A person who enjoys an exciting nightlife would love to honeymoon in Las Vegas, while a person that likes quiet and seclusion may enjoy a mountain camping trip. No matter what you enjoy, there is a perfect honeymoon idea for you! Honeymoon planning can be the most fun part of all.

Having a good honeymoon planner is an excellent way to keep things organized and in order while you are planning a honeymoon. It will also be invaluable during the honeymoon if you are keeping important travel information inside of it, such as maps and travel tips. Be sure to keep an itinerary, tickets, passports, confirmation numbers and insurance information in it during your trip so that the information you need in any situation is readily available and easy to find. You will also want to create a packing list of the items you will need such as clothing and supplies in your organizer to ensure that you will not forget any essential items at home when you leave.

If you are planning a military honeymoon, things become a little bit more complicated. You will only be able to get time off for a honeymoon if you can successfully get a pass from your commanding officer, and often you are only given a few days. Make the most of your time and try to keep the travel time to a minimum since time is valuable when you are only off for a few days. It is also good to note that the military has an Armed Forces Vacation Club which allows military service people to rent luxurious condos around the world for approximately $250 per week! Many resorts and hotels will also offer a military discount. It doesn’t hurt to ask.

Honeymoon planning is fun and exciting. There is no better feeling when the day actually comes that you board that plan to your romantic getaway. Just be sure to keep that honeymoon planner close at hand so that you are prepared for any situation that may arise while you are honeymooning with your new husband or wife!

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