Good bridal shower etiquette or wedding shower etiquette is a very important part to making any bridal shower a true success. If you follow some very simple, yet important, bridal shower rules, you will be sure to host a hit bridal shower. As for who throws the bridal shower, etiquette generally indicates that the maid of honor hosts the party.

When making the decision of who to invite, there is certain wedding or bridal shower invitation etiquette to consider. Generally, people that are invited to the bridal shower should also be invited to the wedding. There are exceptions to this rule, especially if you are having a destination wedding in which most people will not be attending. Also, be sure to send an invitation to each guest invited to your party, even if there are multiple guests living at the same address. If you really want to impress with your bridal shower etiquette, a card can be included with the invitation to allow your guests to RSVP. Make sure that the invitations are sent out far enough in advance, usually one month prior to the day of the shower. If you follow this bridal or wedding shower invitation etiquette, you will be sure to have the best turn out possible!

Now that you have the invitations sent out and the RSVP’s in, you will need to know about the etiquette of throwing a bridal shower. Even though in some cases, most of the guests will be familiar with each other, etiquette for bridal showers indicates that a person be assigned to greet guests at the door. This person should show the guest where they can place their jacket, gift for the bride and where they can find the refreshments. If needed, the greeter should also introduce the guest to the other people at the party. You should also consider starting the party with an activity that will help to initiate conversation and set the mood for the party.

Once the party is over, proper etiquette for bridal showers is to thank each guest as they leave. Also make sure that they have a safe ride home, especially if alcohol was served at the party. Be sure that you have taken note of each guest’s name and what they have given as a wedding shower gift. Etiquette is for the bride to send thank you cards to each of them after the party.

If you follow these simple bridal shower rules for etiquette, wedding showers hosted by you will be complete successes. It will help make guests happy, and they will feel truly special that they were a part of such a wonderful event. Happy planning!

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