During your hunt for the perfect engagement ring, you are going to come across many different engagement ring settings. Choosing between them is entirely up to you and you are going to have to get at the information about them so that you can make a good decision.
One of the most common settings for diamond engagement rings is the solitaire engagement ring setting. This engagement ring setting is very simple and consists of a single diamond mounted on top of a band made usually of gold or platinum. This design can be very classy especially if the size of the diamond used, matches the thickness and style of the band appropriately. There are, however, other materials used for the bands that are becoming more popular for young couples today. Platinum engagement ring settings will look similar to that of a more traditional gold wedding ring setting, but will cost more due to the higher price involved with platinum.
A diamond engagement ring setting can be found in almost any design or lack of design that you would like. Some include the solitaire setting with many smaller diamonds embedded in the band that the solitaire diamond is mounted on. A channel setting engagement ring is one example of this. Today, there are several different settings for diamonds for engagement rings. In fact, a couple different settings used are the filigree engagement ring setting, the art deco engagement ring settings, or even the tiffany engagement ring setting. However, some of the engagement rings made in the east and west make setting an engagement ring a little different from jewelry stores in the central states.
Maybe you are using an engagement ring that was handed down through your family for years. Antique engagement ring settings can be very classy and timeless unlike some of the modern styles found today. A jeweler may also modify an antique engagement rings setting if you are looking to create an in-style modern ring, while still keeping the sentiment of a ring. Many times with the antique ring sets, they are made from semi mount engagement ring settings, but back then they were sturdier. Today, at many auctions you will be able to find some antique estate engagement rings settings that were once used.
There are countless ideas out there when it comes to a diamond engagement ring setting for you. Be sure to research the different designs before you make your decision to ensure that you are going to purchase an engagement ring that you will be happy with for the rest of your life.
After all, as the saying goes, “Diamonds are forever.”

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