The bridal shower is a modern pre-wedding custom, also known as a wedding shower that celebrates a woman’s impending marriage and helps to provide her with some of the tools she will require as she enters into marriage. It is an event filled with laughter, sober advice and female bonding.
One of the bridesmaids typically plans bridal showers and this person is not usually a member of the bride’s immediate family. This person hosts the event and plans the event. She can enlist the help of the other bridesmaids and female members of the bride’s family in this task if necessary. Usually, the girls making the shower make the food for the wedding showers.
The beginning of the bridal shower usually consists of different bridal shower games. These are usually free bridal shower games. Some of the wedding shower games are dice games, or word games involving wedding-oriented words or memory games. There are prizes given to the winners of these games. You can go online and find free printable bridal shower games as well.
After the games are finished, the bride-to-be opens her gifts and then there is usually a lunch served along with a bridal shower cake. There are many kinds of bridal shower cakes. The cake may be purchased at a bakery or baked by a friend or family member. You can find some good bridal shower food recipes online or in many cookbooks. You can also find recipes for bridal shower cake, snacks, and other appetizers.

The custom of the bridal shower exists for a variety of reasons, which all help the bride to prepare for her future. If you want to add a special touch to the wedding shower, themes that interest the couple can be used in the bridal shower decorations. Some bridal shower themes consist of bridal shower plates with racing cars if that is an interest of the couple or sports, etc.
During the bridal shower, those who are married provide the bride with advice on making a marriage last. Also, the women on her side of the family and on the groom’s side of the family can get to know her and each other better in a fun and social setting. And, since gifts are usually a part of a bridal shower, the bride will also receive some of the things she will need as she sets up her house with her groom and prepares to start a family with the man she loves.
A bride can have more than one bridal shower. Sometimes, a bride’s co-worker can also plan a bridal shower for people from a workplace to attend. This can be in addition to any bridal showers planned by other friends of the bride.
Typically, bridal showers take place in backyards and living rooms, but they can also take place in rented venues, where more people can gather. Bridal showers can be organized with themes, such as a lingerie party or a party in which every person is instructed to buy a gift for a certain room in the house.

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