When people plan to get married, or even think about a wedding; they seldom think about having to address wedding invitations. Many people think that addressing wedding invitations is one of the worst things about getting married. Although, many people get address labels for the wedding invitations made up which saves a lot of time. Many times, they also have the return address labels on the wedding invitations made up as a sticker of some sort. Another way that people have the addressing of the invitation for the wedding is by printing the address right on the envelope.

When putting the address on the wedding invitation of the envelope, there is no wrong way of doing it. However, there is an addressing wedding invitation etiquette you should follow, but many people do not know or follow. Therefore, in a way, there is no proper way to address wedding invitations. When it is time to do the wedding invitation envelope addressing the groom is usually there to help the bride; that is definitely at least a 2 person job! The groom may try to say that he does not know how to address wedding invitations, be he is handing you a line. One thing that the groom may not know is the proper etiquette for addressing wedding invitations. So ladies, don’t be hard to the men if they do something wrong!

When the bridal party throws a bridal shower for the bride, many of them already know how to address a wedding shower invitation. In fact, it is really no different than addressing a regular envelope. However, properly addressing a wedding invitation can be difficult for some people. What many people have trouble with is addressing wedding invitations to a family with children. What many people have trouble with, is if they should add the kids’ names, or just write “and family.” Another problem that arises when filling out invitations is people don’t know if they should use handwritten address wedding invitations or printer generated envelopes. For many people, using printer-generated envelopes may be a lot easier, but when you hand write them they are more personal. When it comes to a wedding, people like to see the personal touch of things.

When addressing the wedding invitation for your wedding, you can address it however you want; it is your wedding. However, many people like to see handwritten invitations.

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